Why do camps need therapeutic recreation services?
Therapeutic recreation can address a multitude of issues all camps face.  Beyond Recreation can put the time and energy into these issues that they deserve, allowing camp directors and other staff to continue the heavy lifting of running a camp.

Therapeutic Recreation

​From full camp consultations to individual and group
sessions, Beyond Recreation uses all of the tools of therapeutic recreation to promote health and to reduce activity limitations due to physical, mental and emotional challenges faced by clients.  Beyond Recreation also serves in a consulting capacity for entire programs, helping camps to create curative programming for all members of the camp family. As a certified and insured Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Anne Henningfeld assesses the needs of clients and camps and provides a comprehensive plan for future action. 

Addressing the Subject of Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity
Social Skills Training for Campers and Staff in Inclusive Cabins
Intentionally Confronting Nature Deficit Disorder
Recreation and Restoration for Couples - A Weekend Program
Statistical Surveys to Support New Recreational Programs

Can Beyond Recreation help me with other issues at my camp?
Every camp is unique. There are lots of services we can provide that aren't listed here.  The best approach is to share any issue you would like to address, and if we don't already have a solution, we will find the best one for you by utilizing our camp resources. In the end, what is most important for us is that you and your camp staff are given access to the best resources possible for the needs of your camp. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to explore these options with you!

Where can I find pricing information for Therapeutic Recreation?
Due to the specific nature of each therapeutic recreation project, Beyond Recreation will provide a quote based on the depth and breadth of your project. Please call or email and we’ll put together an estimate right away!