Camper Workshops

​Michael and Anne’s extensive experience teaching circus arts makes them ideal guest instructors for campers and students. Ideal for groups up to 12 children, Michael and Anne can customize an activity for your camp based on the following choices:
>>• Feather Balancing
>>• Plate Spinning
>>• Partner Juggling
>>• Beginner Yo-Yo
• Partner Balancing
Michael Jay Garner’s variety entertainment show is a hit with children and adults alike. His surprising tricks with found objects as simple as a gum wrapper, or as large as a six foot folding table, are guaranteed to produce wide eyes and enthusiastic applause. Capable of customizing his performance to almost any stage, for any age makes Michael a perfect evening program option for summer camps. In addition to found object manipulation, Michael’s interactive show includes juggling, feats of balancing, whip cracking, music, comedy, and even fire performing if desired. A seven summer camp clown at Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, Michael is familiar with the specific challenges of summer camp performing, and thrives in the camp environment. Michael has performed internationally with the Big Apple Circus, as well as touring with Britney Spears on her Circus World Tour. He is a professional in all aspects of performance, ensuring an appropriate, safe and fun show for all.

Variety Entertainment & Camper Workshops